Best pokies view in years.

It has been years since the last time I encountered pokies view of a young, attractive-looking gal (despite with the face mask on)

Location is at a neighborhood park. The 20ish, petite lass sure made a bold statement by not wearing a bra despite herself clad in a tight, white spaghetti top.

As her tits were small (A cup), they looked really perky, held up by the tight spag top. Coupled with small, pointy nips, I found it hard to not stare. Lol..

She was in the company of 2 young men and they stood by the pathway, discussing something. I just stood there, taking in the splendid view for as long as I can. It probably lasts a good 15-20 secs or so before they turned and walked away.

Did I get caught for staring? Probably yes, but not that the gal would be bothered anyway. To be clothed in a tight white top with no bra in the public speaks volumes! Lol

Tennis . Pokies

Somehow we get to see more of tennis stars showing their pokies, compared to other female athletes in swimming, gymnastics, track & fields, etc.

Either their sports bra are razor thin, or they just donโ€™t bother to wear one ๐Ÿ˜Š

Call me old school.. but yeah, Maria Sharapova was a stunner, both in terms of looks and figure.

Scuba diving girls

The last 2 pics reminded me of my scuba diving trips years ago.

In both trips, there were a couple of gals whom were clad in this type of black, bikini top and like to walk around on the boat dressed like above manner.

Interestingly, these gals also had similar tits size as above gals. Lol

And in the first pic, can see that she didn’t wear any bikini underneath that tank top. Sweet looking Japanese girl.


So I was in a supermarket, and this middle-aged lady who was excitedly taking photo of her friend, caught my attention. I mean, who takes photograph in a supermarket anyway?? But she does look like a tourist to me, probably an Indonesian.

She was clad in a sleeveless tee with particular large arm-holes. As her arms were up while taking photo, I instinctively peeped into the arm-hole, hoping to get a glimpse of some side-boobs if I’m lucky (i.e. part of side boob not covered by bra)

Outcome was totally unexpected. I got a full view of a large, dark-brown nipple! It has been many years since I saw a FULL nipple zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) of random female stranger.

Qs from a female reader

Care to provide your views? ๐Ÿ˜Š


I love your blog so much and have read almost all the posts. Being a female, I always wonder what the opposite sex thinks. I do have a question and hope you would reply with your opinion:

I love going braless. Thereโ€™s been numerous research online about how braless is so good and can prevent cancer. I feel good braless and my husband loves it too and encourages me to go braless. Always braless & panty-less at home. Several times went out braless like shopping, salon etc. Mostly I donโ€™t really bother to conceal it bcos I wear tudung. If look closely I think people can see that I am not wearing bra bcos of the pokies, the bouncing (I have 38D) and shape. My question :

1. Do guys notice what female with tudung are wearing? I mean, do u guys check them out or straight away skip them? Iโ€™ve noticed several women braless or panty less but wearing tudung. I think they probably assume men donโ€™t look cos they are wearing headscarf. Is that the case?

2. I want to go braless to work. Do u think SG society ready to accept the fact that women are free to dress as they please?


Thanks for the compliment! Comments and compliments keep me going on updating my blog. It is even more encouraging to have female readers onboard!

Seems you are finding reasons to justify for not wearing a bra? ๐Ÿ˜ Well, Iโ€™m pretty sure in the comfort of own residences, most ladies would wear no bra. But to be fair, no bra also means breasts will tend to sag more as one ages, particularly in your case which the boobs are big.

On your questions..

1. Personally, I would look out for pokies, panty lines if the lady is clad in semi/tight-fitting clothes. For women in tudong, cardigan, I usually wonโ€™t check them out as like you said, chances of seeing pokies/pantyline thru an extra layer of fabric is very low..

Yes, I agree with you that they donโ€™t bother cuz they assume men wonโ€™t really look. Looks like me and probably many others of my gender are wrong. ๐Ÿ˜„

2. During my 2 wks of vacation in Europe, I came across more women with no bra on, than the combined no. I seen in SG across a few years. So much I wish, I think braless in SG is still not widely practiced. But again, YOLO. If you feel liberated with no bra on, just go ahead! The world will be a happier place if more ladies think like you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

No bra

For comfort sake, I always go ‘commando’ at home.

However there have been a few times when I paid a short visit to a female friend’s or online buyer’s house, the lady didn’t bother putting on a bra. While their top are usually in dark colors, their pokies are still very obvious. It’s really distracting while chatting with them.

Even my wife whom usually don’t bother about zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) always make a conscious efforts to put in her bra before guests come. Perhaps I shouldn’t fuss about putting on underwear too.. but what if I erect? Hmm..