A few of my wife’s female friends came visiting; one of them the pretty gal whom I always get to see her accidental downblouse.

A pity I had to work late and when I reached home, they were just about to leave. She was clad in a thin, loose-hanging top. Although not anywhere near low-cut, I still get to see her cleavage by a twist of luck!

She was bending slightly forward when putting on her shoe. Tata! Black, 3/4 bra. Enjoyed the glimpse of part of her B-cup tits..

And so, the record of her treating me some downblouse/cleavage every time we met, remains unbroken. Lol

Treat at gathering

Went for a friend’s gathering at a friend’s house. One of the gals, in her mid-20s, was clad in a mini skirt. I was sitting adjacent to her, and she didn’t bother to cover.

White, silky panties. The crotch area looks kinda puffy.. Could it be due to pubic hair? It’s been a long while since I saw some decent upskirt view. 😄

Could have seen a few more times though. But since she’s my friend, I feel abit bad looking too much of her zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction). 😜


Prettiest Friend downblouse

Happiness is seeing your wife’s prettiest friend downblouse, not just for once but a few times. 😄

B cup. Smooth, fair complexion.. I would probably had seen her nips if not for the fact that I didn’t dare to look long, as she was only like less than half a metre in front of me..
It would be embarrassing to get caught!

I’m surprised she never use her hand to cover in the few cases where she was bending/leaning forward in front of me. Surely in her loose top, zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) is bound to happen!
Perhaps like my wife, she is not usually conscious about such things. Lol 😝

House visit – ‘Door Gift’?

Paid a visit to a friend a few days back. His wife was wearing a V-neck, loose blouse.
I totally lost count the no. of times she leaned forward while seated opposite me; at least 8-9 times. Each time lasted quite a while.

Mm.. Either her awareness towards ‘zaogeng’ (wardrobe malfunction) is really poor, or like my wife, she simply don’t bother.

Yea.. Cleavage. Lotsa it. Since she is a friend, I always looked away.
Perhaps I’m being foolish from a man’s perspective but I did catch a few glimpses of a smooth ‘valley’ nevertheless. LOL..

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