Blackmailed for Sex

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Jessie going on an adventure!

Jess had tried threesome & foursome with the men she met. She also mentioned it was coerced as they had secretly took a video of her changing and she was naked.
Sounds bad isn’t it? However, judging from the manner Jess described the ordeal to me, it seems that she wasn’t disturbed or traumatized to say the least.

In my opinion, the blackmailing merely accelerated the process as I thought Jess always wanted to try out mass orgy anyway.
It also amuses me this is the 3rd time she got blackmailed for sex. In previous 2 cases, the guys gotten hold of her nude photos and one of them subsequently became her regular sex buddy!

I see that my young net friend is enjoying her colorful sex life now. She would always be so eager to tell me about her sex stories whenever I come online. Hah.
Another thing for sure. Evil is lurking everywhere.. Be careful my friends!
blackmail sex