Was having breakfast with my wife at a small eatery. Seated adjacent to us was a small group of teenage girls; all of them were wearing FBT shorts.

One of them was sitting cross-legged on the chair. Naturally, due to the sitting posture, her shorts was pulled up and the fabric covered slightly no more than a normal (non-skimpy) panties did!

Surely the girl ought to know the degree of exposure she’s ‘giving’ to the public? But again, many young gals, like my wife, doesn’t give a heck about wardrobe malfunction (zaogeng). Thus, we men get to reap some benefits 🙂

Nice view to behold.. Thankfully I chose the right table at the start. Lol

Translucent FBT shorts!

Was in the queue to make payment for my stuffs. In front of me was a gal in her early-twenties; clad in a slim-fit tee and fbt shorts.

The fbt shorts wasn’t awfully short, but it was pretty translucent..
Thanks to the bright lighting in the shop, I could kinda see through the (light) grey, thin fabric and make out the curves of her butts & thighs!
Panty line was very obvious as well; while the panties color is white.

And I saw that the young gal is quite hairy too… I mean her legs & arms =P
Perhaps the lady should consider waxing or shaving. Haha..

Mm.. it also sets me thinking: if a young gal doesn’t bother about ridding off the body hair on her arms & legs, can I assume it’s highly likely she has a thick and wild bush?? LOL