A few of my wife’s female friends came visiting; one of them the pretty gal whom I always get to see her accidental downblouse.

A pity I had to work late and when I reached home, they were just about to leave. She was clad in a thin, loose-hanging top. Although not anywhere near low-cut, I still get to see her cleavage by a twist of luck!

She was bending slightly forward when putting on her shoe. Tata! Black, 3/4 bra. Enjoyed the glimpse of part of her B-cup tits..

And so, the record of her treating me some downblouse/cleavage every time we met, remains unbroken. Lol


  Saw a view like this while dining at some restaurant. A Caucasian mother, in her late thirties, was attending to her kid.

Dangling breasts. Haha.. I’m pretty sure she wore a bra as it was visible thru her translucent top. Still, the degree of exposure of her tits and the way they swayed.. suggested her bra must have been really loose! 😆

Down Blouse

I’m still kinda reeling abit from the visual treat of my wife’s friend zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction).. so here are more down blouse photos! 😄






The below pic would be very similar to what I saw of my wife’s pretty friend, in the sense her boobs were kinda ‘hanging’ as her seemingly oversized bra weren’t cupping them well.. and I could literally “look beyond the valley”.
But minus the size; she is B cup at most.