Oh Sit!

Watched bits of this TV programme called “Oh Sit!”. It is a US game show where contestants of both genders, have to clear a series of obstacles and complete for empty seats in order to advance to next round.

It’s inevitable the contestants will fall into the water at some point. And as the game host interviewed the eliminated female participants, who were all drenched, their nipples protrusion over their wet tops were hard to miss!

2 out of the 3 ladies had no bra on.
Incentive to continue to catch the next episode of this game show? I think so. Lol

Gabrielle Anwar Headlights

Stumbled on a forum dedicated to the popular US action drama “Burn Notice”. And there was a thread in which many viewers expressed annoyance about this lead actress, Gabrielle Anwar, not putting on a bra.

IMHO, it’s her body so it’s her freedom whether she to put on a bra or not. In fact, I thought her ‘headlights’ protrusion is quite a delight to watch. Moreover, Gabriella is a beautiful woman to start with. Never mind she got a small rack.
I don’t quite understand how that pair of studs there can pose a disturbance to anybody. LOL..

In fact, pls keep it up Anwar! You (and your erected nipples) are one of the top few reasons I’m watching “Burn Notice”! 🙂