Spot the pokies 4!


Nipples protrusion is visible because the paddings are too thin or there are no pads at all. Either way, it’s a matter of choice by the wearer.

Why is it that some girls choose to flaunt their ‘pokies’ while clad in swimwear, but must definitely wear a bra when outside home?

Is it because in our conservative Asian context, a lady walking around in public places without a bra is considered as slutty, which hardly any girl would like herself to be labelled as?

Of course, one may argue that wearing bra helps to keep the breasts from sagging and makes the pair looks perky. But I bet most of our girls would still put it on, even for a mere 5-min trip to buy something downstairs their homes.

What do you think? Comments? 🙂

*and in above pic, was it the padding too thin, or no pads at all?