Qs from a female reader

Care to provide your views? 😊


I love your blog so much and have read almost all the posts. Being a female, I always wonder what the opposite sex thinks. I do have a question and hope you would reply with your opinion:

I love going braless. There’s been numerous research online about how braless is so good and can prevent cancer. I feel good braless and my husband loves it too and encourages me to go braless. Always braless & panty-less at home. Several times went out braless like shopping, salon etc. Mostly I don’t really bother to conceal it bcos I wear tudung. If look closely I think people can see that I am not wearing bra bcos of the pokies, the bouncing (I have 38D) and shape. My question :

1. Do guys notice what female with tudung are wearing? I mean, do u guys check them out or straight away skip them? I’ve noticed several women braless or panty less but wearing tudung. I think they probably assume men don’t look cos they are wearing headscarf. Is that the case?

2. I want to go braless to work. Do u think SG society ready to accept the fact that women are free to dress as they please?


Thanks for the compliment! Comments and compliments keep me going on updating my blog. It is even more encouraging to have female readers onboard!

Seems you are finding reasons to justify for not wearing a bra? 😁 Well, I’m pretty sure in the comfort of own residences, most ladies would wear no bra. But to be fair, no bra also means breasts will tend to sag more as one ages, particularly in your case which the boobs are big.

On your questions..

1. Personally, I would look out for pokies, panty lines if the lady is clad in semi/tight-fitting clothes. For women in tudong, cardigan, I usually won’t check them out as like you said, chances of seeing pokies/pantyline thru an extra layer of fabric is very low..

Yes, I agree with you that they don’t bother cuz they assume men won’t really look. Looks like me and probably many others of my gender are wrong. 😄

2. During my 2 wks of vacation in Europe, I came across more women with no bra on, than the combined no. I seen in SG across a few years. So much I wish, I think braless in SG is still not widely practiced. But again, YOLO. If you feel liberated with no bra on, just go ahead! The world will be a happier place if more ladies think like you! 😊

5 thoughts on “Qs from a female reader

  1. mmm I highly doubt anyone will notice with the hijab on. if its made known openly that one does not wear a bra at work, it may not be well received. But if the only one whos gonna know it is the person herself, then i see no reason to stop being braless. Culturally speaking, counter culture is also a form of “culture” and i look forward to a braless accepting society in the near future!

  2. Hi..i am always facinated about ladies in tudung and especially what they wear under the lose fitting clothes and whether they r naked underneath.
    i will look out for their chest especially if i suspect they have big breast bouncing to the side. i know some ladies luv lacy lingerie..Does it excite you when u know the man is staring at your breast?

  3. I am a female and have friends who wear tudung and loose clothing with no undergarments inside. Come on… Especially in hot & humid Singapore, they told me before that they try to wear as little as possible as long as not very obvious to general public. So, if u see bouncing boobies, pokies.. Most likely not wearing anything inside.

    Personally, It excites me, makes me feel attractive & bold if the opposite gender looks or glances when I go braless… As long as they don’t stare like a creep, I am ok. I don’t usually dress skimpy….usually braless more often…

    • Yes, there are a large proportion of gals who don’t wear bra at home. Same for you and your friends?

      I wish there are many more gals like you, NJ! Keep the braless habit going!

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