Kawasaki Aya 川崎あや

Japanese model. Born 1991. Height 167cm. Weight ?. Measurement 80-52-88 cm.

Since Kawasaki’s tits aren’t big, it seems many of her photos are characterized by very high V-cut of the swimwear, and focus on her narrow waist. I thought she has a really sweet-looking face.

4 thoughts on “Kawasaki Aya 川崎あや

  1. The very high V-cut is secondary. For me, I think her wide thigh gap makes me hard-on.

    I remembered I courted my first gf was because I was so attracted to her wide thigh gap, and also her very fair thighs. Hers was the first pussy I laid my tongue on. Every weekend, I would have a good time licking her between her thighs. Both of us got very wet, even though I didn’t receive any BJ from her. I think it was due to the excitement of seeing and playing a girl’s pussy for the first time 🙂

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