Random babe 15

Pleasant smile 😊.. I like that thigh.

 The crotch area hidden from our line of sight in a rather provocative manner..

That cleavage.. 💕 And I always love those bikini top that looks like a bra. LOL

Her figure is just nice; not too ‘meaty’ not too thin. She seemed to be caught off-guard and didn’t pose well for this photo though.

Awww.. loved her smile. 😍

7 thoughts on “Random babe 15

  1. Yes! I love meaty thighs. I really find them sexy. If you ask me to choose between slim shapely thighs and meaty shapely ones, I will still choose both of them. I can’t have one without the other.
    But caution…..meaty thighs can have the strength to crush your head if you do anything cheeky. In the past, on a few occasions while licking my ex, I like to nibble sharply at her clitoris, which would send her shock crazy. Until one day, she decided to try squeezing her thighs against my head to teach me a lesson. Oh wow, that was some muscle. I could hardly breathe and have to tap on her abdomen to raise the white flag 🙂

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