Korean . Bodybuilder

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This female body builder’s ensemble for her last competition has left everyone in awe.

Lee Yeon Hwa is a stunning fitness model who recently took first place in the fashion division for the Women’s 2017 Max Kyu Mania Asia Championship. She is not only physically fit but beautiful as well.

While competing in the championship she wowed everyone showing up in an angel inspired outfit. She really blew the crowd away with presence and incredible physique.

Pretty face, huge rack. Plastic surgery (common for Koreans)? I don’t know.. but who cares? Lol.

Initially I thought there is no way she is a bodybuilder considering her lean body mass.. She probably is completing in the Bikini category in which the female bodybuilders do not look nearly like she-hulks. 

What stuck me in the last pic is the partial exposure of her labia area. I have a big weakness for that. 😄

In all, a stunning beauty.

2 thoughts on “Korean . Bodybuilder

  1. Personally, I feel that women shouldn’t take up body building. It takes the femininity out of her. I have touched and feel the tummy and biceps of a female body builder (with her permission, of course), and they feel firm and hard. A woman’s body should belongs to where nature intends it to be: soft, supple, tender and smooth. In later years, a heavily worked out body tends to wrinkle prematurely. It can be a very unpleasant sight.

    But then, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If she thinks she looks good with all those muscles, so be it.

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