Block or not to

Over the weekend, my wife was giving free treats like above, not once but twice.

On both occasions, there were men sitting directly facing her, and I caught at least 2 guys looking.

To block their view or not to, that’s the dilemma. Lol.. my wife is the type whom just don’t bother. 

6 thoughts on “Block or not to

  1. As my gf explains to me, sometimes it is not convenient to have one hand holding her blouse while bending down, and leaving the other hand alone to do some chores. Some chores need both hands to do it. As long as she is not deliberately giving a free show, what is the big deal after all, she says.

    Well, I agree too, so long as she is not bra-less, I should just live and let live 🙂

    Let me share a nice video of a girl in downblouse action….she is not wearing any bra, and you can also see her pokies so clearly. Check out the link below:

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