6 thoughts on “What’s the story

  1. There is something I can’t quite understand about the women species. They can cuddle together to sleep, something which men will never do.

    When my gf’s best friend came over to spend a few days with us, both of them spend their nights together in the guest room, sharing the same bed.
    I was left to sleep alone. When they are watching TV in the hall, both of them can sit very close together, their legs resting on each other’s laps. But, they are not lesbos, to say the least…..:)

    • Exactly. We, (heterosexual) men will never walk in the street holding hands. 😂

      On a side note, you must’ve seen some nice views when your gf bestie stayed over during that few days? 🙂

      • Nah, nah….she is not the pretty type, maybe just average looks, and not that fair too. I am not attracted to her, so I didn’t pay much attention to any zaogeng she may have display….lol
        I would rather aim for my gf’s cousin. She is younger, quite fair and sexy. She was here last Christmas, and would be expecting her again this year. She usually wears those tight singlet type of blouse. Whenever she lifts up her hands to tie up her hair, I can see her very fair under arms and clean shaven, smooth armpits. Not forgetting her fair, smooth neck too. It turns me on the very first time I saw it….haha

        That night I made love to my gf, licking her neck, under arms and armpits, trying to imagine that I am doing this to her cousin, since both of them share almost the same body style.

      • Hahaha.. Nice description to make your point.
        I feel you cause I’m attracted to my wife’s young cousin too. 😄 but not as lucky as you as she doesn’t stay over at my place. Lol

    • Well Patrick, as a girl myself I also do this when I and my gf went for holiday months back. That is what most girls will do…..and better still is that we girls can wear what we want…

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