Different from her peers

Saw a similar view on the MRT (train) today, but with more flesh shown than above pic..😎

I don’t usually pay attention to secondary school girls (as they are too young). Yet this gal is very pretty and quite tall too.

Obviously with the amount of her thigh exposed, she is different from most of her peers whom always wear shorts underneath their school skirts. 

Too bad, not to the extent of seeing her panties though; hers must had been a really small piece. Heh..

One thought on “Different from her peers

  1. Well I have seen many girls sitting crossed-legged in MRT, especially working class girls and even school girls. For school girls, I have many too, some of them usually wear shorts under their uniform or pinafore, there are also school girls who does not wear shorts or panties underneath. For working class girls, i have seen many not only sitting crossed-legged but also with legs wide open. Even if they know that there is someone looking under their skirts, some would even open their legs wider. These are all true story and I have seen

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