Selling on Carousell

U guys probably know that Carousell (a marketplace app) has a feature which allows seller to post the advert on his/her FB wall as well.

This morning I saw on my FB feed that a female friend is selling her sports bra on Carousell. (she claimed its worn only once, but anyway that’s not the point..)

Nice way of publishing to the whole world your cup size! Lol ๐Ÿ˜„

11 thoughts on “Selling on Carousell

  1. I have come across our local girls selling their used lingerie online. And the more soiled and dirty it is, the higher price it will fetch. If I am not mistaken, a normal piece of underwear which has been worn for at least 12 hours goes for $25. A piece that has been stained with the girl’s vaginal fluid fetches $35 to $40.

    A regular buyer who has made 4 purchases or more gets to see the actual face of the girl. If the guy has good bargaining skills, he may even gets to meet up and have a drink with the girl. Anything beyond that is confidential.

    Sounds interesting huh?

    • I come across similar adverts too.
      While I have doubts about the authenticity of these sellers profiles, I can’t help thinking; what a way to earn some easy bucks!
      I find stained panties a big yuck though. But again, some guys have fetish for such..

      • There are claims of such girls earning around 3K a month just selling their lingerie. Not bad if the claims are true. I honestly believe if there is a demand, then some girls would be happy to supply.

        Yes, it’s yucky alright. Many years ago, while visiting a friend, I requested to use the bathroom from one of the college girls staying at a apartment. In one of the pails, I saw a pair of panties turned inside out. Sticking to the panties were small little chunks of whitish vaginal discharge. Omg, why didn’t the owner of the panties just take the trouble to hide that nauseating view.

      • Yes.. I also came across some gals who setup private photo sharing accounts where she will regularly post nude selfies; and one get to access that blog for some fees.. I suppose the kick of viewing pics in such manner is higher than just browsing random nude photos online (which is a ton)

        Eww… I feel like vomit already.. ๐Ÿ˜ท
        That’s why whenever we are expecting guests, my wife and I would hide the dirty laundry that is in our bathroom

  2. @stan229 wow blogs to see girls nudes? Sounds cool. But the paying part nt worth if worth it. Hahah

    So whats your friends cup size? Haah

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