Between the buttons

Was at a company function. A lady in her mid-twenties caught my attention, with her semi-translucent white satin blouse, which allows the outline of her bleach-colored bra to be seen clearly.

The openings of her blouse at the arms positions was quite large too, exposing part of her bra.

I chanced upon the lady again during food reception. She was just slightly ahead of me in the adjacent que for food. As the que advances slowly, I was given many opportunities to take peeks into the ‘holes’ between her blouse buttons.😎

3/4 bra she was clad it. I could see the gap between the bra and her boobs; but alas, just couldn’t make out her nipple despite presented with such views a few times. Probably it may be easier if she is a A-cup instead of a B/C. 😄

5 thoughts on “Between the buttons

      • Then I don’t think you can get to see her nipples, that is a very hard angle to spot. The space is too tight to see anything much.
        I have come across a girl who have the top button unbuttoned, and even then it’s hard to see her nipples. No doubt it’s a highly attractive view with her very fair skin, one can only ogle at her exposed chest.

  1. Patrick and Stan, althougt its hard to see girls’ bra or nipples from the front of their blouse or shirt that they are wearing. But i have seen girls wearing blouse or shirt with the top button unbutton, I can see their bra and few times i managed to see the girl’s breasts when she bend down and better still the bra she is wearing is a bit loose…

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