8 thoughts on “Ah.. Cleavages 10

  1. Picture 1 used to be what my gf wears occasionally. Once I caught her bending so low inside a supermarket, exposing her entire bra, boobs and tummy, I chided her sarcastically:
    “You bend so low…are you inviting guys to suck your nipples???”
    Stunned by my words, she shot back:
    “Ya lo….coz your skills not so good ma….”
    Shit, how I wish we were at home so I can teach her a good lesson in bed for her sharp tongue….LOL

    • Hahaha.. U 2 make a fun couple.

      My wife just done a super downblouse like that last week, right in front of my brother! I can see her tummy too. Hah.. -_-“

      • Wow, super downblouse, you mean her nipples are exposed too? And how was the reaction on your brother’s face? haha

    • Patrick, I did once in a supermarket and my gf told me…..I bend so low that my breast, bra and tummy can be seen….My gf spotted me doing this and she told me.That time i also wore a pair of very very short shorts.. How i wish can see ur wife’s downblouse….hehe…

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