Types of panties

Finally, a pictorial to guide the lost souls (me inclusive) πŸ˜„

My wife mainly wears the ‘Bikini’ and ‘Tanga’ types.

Although I saw numerous times of her cousin’s panties, I’m not sure which is the type though cuz I yet to see the ‘full picture’ before..  But definitely not thong or g-string, or I would’ve seen her labia majora 😜

8 thoughts on “Types of panties

  1. I think you still can’t see the labia mayora on thong and g-string, because the “rope” part would be on the back side (ass side) CMIIW :))

  2. Personally, I didn’t even know there are so many categories of panties available. I don’t bother to check my gf’s lingerie wardrobe. But I know she will choose the boyshorts or once in a while, the thong, when she is wearing a tight fitting skirt, so as to avoid displaying embarrassing panty lines on the outside πŸ™‚

    If I am not mistaken, I think she wears a lot of tanga, followed by bikini and high cut briefs.

    I have come across websites offering soiled panties for sale, sold by Sg girls. The prices are quite reasonable. It’s very interesting to note that the girls who are selling their panties are willing to meet up face to face with those guys who are their regular customers. A regular customer has to buy more than 4 purchases to be entitled to a meet-up with the girl. Haha, I am not sure if the girl will provide any extra services besides meeting up.

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