Panties . Short skirt

Qs: If you (female) / your girlfriend, wife is wearing a short skirt.. what will you wear underneath? 

1) safety shorts

2) large sized (aka granny) panties

3) sexy panties / g-string / thong

4) whatever panties or no preference

My online female friend chose (3), while my wife is on (4).. How about you / your gf, wife? 😊

17 thoughts on “Panties . Short skirt

  1. Is your online female friend serious or merely kidding?
    My gf said she will pick (1). With so many guys around who are tempted to take upskirt pics, she thinks it’s a bad idea to wear anything sexy and skimpy underneath. She doesn’t want to wake up one day to find her panties pics all over the net for every guy to feast their eyes on.

    • I don’t know.. but so far I rarely seen upskirts which the gal wear g-string or betting panties. Lol
      Your gf really play safe. She’s right about the upskirt photo though. If it’s sjust afety pants, I don’t think the ‘photographer’ will bother to upload to the net

      • Stan, maybe you guys barely seen girls upskirts but sometimes accidentally. For me as a girl, I have seen many upskirts in school, public places etc.

    • Well Patrick, for me I am a girl and I have seen many girls upskirts and saw most of the girls barely wear any panties. There are some girls would wear panties and there are girls who are fat or plump, they would wear bigger size panties.

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