Treats for the week

Roundup for the week! 😁

JC Black

I was exiting the mrt train. Directly in front of me was a JC (high school) gal, at one of the seats in the station platform.

Apparently her fren was also exiting the train from the same door as I. When she saw her friend, she immediately got up and during the ‘un-crossing’ of her legs, I got a glimpse of her black panties.

Talk about being at the right place in the right moment. Lol

On the Table

I was having my dinner at one of those tall seats in MacDonald. At another table a few meters in front of me was this mid-20s lady; her left side  in my direct view.

The well-dressed lady is seemingly a financial planner at work. Thru out the time, she was leaning forward as she scribbled on the papers, explaining stuffs to her client seated opposite her. And thus, her boobs rested on the table surface. Occasionally she leaned further forward, pressing her B-sized boobs gently against the table top..

The lady was clad in a white halter top, and much of the skin/flesh under her armpit area was in view; though not to the extent of seeing any side boob.

Nice view to go with my McChicken meal. 😆

3 thoughts on “Treats for the week

  1. Well in MRT or in places like in food centres, I always seen many girls wearing super short skirt sitting with legs lifted or wide open…They don’t even bother who is looking. Even they know who is looking, some would even open wider….

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