Generous Ivy

Wife’s cousin was in a ‘generous’ mood during last weekend family gathering.

Clad in FBT shorts, she was sitting/lying in all sorts of postures which gave me an eyeful of her long legs, thighs, and groin (aka immediate area outside the ‘forbidden zone’)

Thank you! πŸ˜„πŸ˜


6 thoughts on “Generous Ivy

  1. Stan, the 3 photos you posted is your wife’s cousin? she had nice thighs and her sitting posture is also nice……wondering what colour is under those FBT shorts….

  2. I think your wife’s cousin is the type who throws caution to the wind when protecting her modesty. It doesn’t really cross their minds whether they are exposing more than is neccessary. There are many of such girls around. My current gf also belong to this type, although she is a little more careful when she is in a short skirt. But not to the extent of being overly careful, like some girls who think they are like protecting a million dollar treasure πŸ™‚

    • I agree with you. The way she sits, shows she totally has no regards for the amount of flesh exposed. It’s like “as long I’m in shorts, I sit whatever I wish” πŸ˜†

      My wife is similar to ur girlfriend. Too many times she goes out in short skirts and bent forward carelessly, exposing her panties.. I have to be the one protecting her modesty instead by purposely standing behind her to block the view, or reminding her she zaogeng.. Lol

      • Well Patrick and Stan, most girls always sit with legs wide open and exposing their thighs, panties. I have seen many of them sitting like that in universities and when I was in secondary school and poly. Stan, does your wife usually wear very short skirts or shorts when she sits or bend, her panties can be seen from behind?

        Patrick, does your girlfriend always wear very very short shorts or skirts and site with legs wide open? Stan and Patrick, does your wife and girlfriend mind others looking under their shorts or skirts? Sorry to both of u if I have offended you.

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