5 thoughts on “Random babe 4

  1. Oh yea…this babe fits the bill as an ideal gf as well as a good bed partner. She doesn’t look Chinese, well er, maybe Thai or Indon? Oh yes she does has celebrity looks, I can’t deny that. I like those eyes especially in the first pic.

    One of my buddies kept a secret gf without his wife’s knowledge. I happened to meet her twice. She is strikingly beautiful when she is well dressed. The second time when I saw her in a hotel resort, her dazzling eyes can just make me go wild with my imagination. Yea, those killer eyes….if you know what I mean. Those eyes which can ‘undress’ you on the spot 🙂
    At times I have to look away haha. No wonder my buddy can’t resist, and decides to keep her.

      • Haha, I can’t comment much because I didn’t see her in bikini. But she is the fair skin type. She was wearing those kind of butterfly blouse with big flaps at the sides, so I can see her bra through the wide gaps whenever she lifts her hands 🙂 Even a simple peek as this can turn me on, so you can imagine what kind of powers she has.

        Looks wise, both are somewhat comparable. It’s not particularly accurate to compare a picture of one with the real person of another. Best to compare both of them face to face in flesh and skin 🙂

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