Albanian TV newsreaders strip down to boost audience

Faced with tough competition to win over audiences, an Albanian TV channel is taking a literal approach towards giving viewers the “naked” truth — by employing almost-topless newsreaders.  
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Nothing new about near-naked broadcasters.. but still worth a mention !

2 thoughts on “Albanian TV newsreaders strip down to boost audience

  1. Actually we don’t really need to go to the extent of baring boobs to attract extra audience. Just a simple zaogeng of the newscaster wearing a short tight mini skirt will do. Or a show of pokies by the bra-less newscaster. The audience will be wondering if the show is staged or if the whole thing is genuinely accidental.

    I watched a segment of a young, pretty and attractive newscaster in an elegant tight mini skirt in New York tv before. She was interviewing Mariah Carey in the midst of this. For a whole 30 minutes off and on, her white panties was showing very clearly when she crossed her legs. I was wondering….how on earth none of the crew members bother to tell her about it. Is it that the all- male crew members were enjoying the view, so no one bother to do anything? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • But the occasional zaogeng may not be a strong point to attract viewers to watch on a consistent basis.
      Maybe the crew are relishing the view as you said. ๐Ÿ™‚

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