RA movies . Ramming

One key difference in the sex scene between a R-rated movie & a porn movie is that in the former, the penis is never shown.

So during ramming, the male actor’s dick rub/hit against his co-actress clitoris directly- skin to skin contact? I mean, since this is not porn, would they actually be doing abit more to protect the actress modesty? Like put on a condom or something? Or the production crew simply don’t bother?

2 thoughts on “RA movies . Ramming

  1. Well, it actually works like this. In some cases especially in Asian movies, the private parts of the actor and actress are protected by skin color tape. Sometimes, there is no protection and it’s up to the pair to fake the sexual act to the best they can without any undesirable consequences.

    Actress Maud Adams, of James Bond flick Octopussy fame, confessed to the press that she actually did it with the male actor in another film which I forgot the name. She said that the director and the entire film crew saw it all, but nobody bothered to do anything. The camera just kept rolling while the pair enjoyed their intercourse till it finished. The male actor must be laughing all the way to the bathroom after this, I guessed 🙂

    • Hahaha.. Really penetrated?! Wow.. I suppose the 2 must have something going on between them already prior to the shoot..
      Imagine the male actor simply just stuck his manhood in without the actress consent.. He could get himself into real trouble!
      I think the production crew probably quite enjoyed the real sex show too. Lol

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