11 thoughts on “Naked Yoga

  1. Yoga!
    That pretty much reminds me of a woman I knew who practises yoga. That was about 6 years ago. She works in Citibank, aged 26 at that time. Looks: average. But never mind about that. We had terrific sex. But it lasted only one month. Why? Because she got to know another guy whom she thinks gave her more security.

    If you guys come across a lady yogi, try to grab a chance to lure her to bed. Believe me, you will like it. I am talking from experience.

    Yogis can bend their legs right up to their heads. In the process her pussy is literally spread to its widest. While in this position, she is able to use her fingers to spread her vaginal lips wide apart for me to lick. This was a very, very big turn-on. Her pussy was partially shaven, so that spiced things up a lot. While I was penetrating her, watching my dick in and out of her shaven and wide open pussy, my dick got harder and harder. I just treasure every moment of it.

    Thinking of asking my current gf to attend yoga classes. I will take care of the fees. haha 🙂

    • you are fucking lucky guy. hard to find such gals these days. anyway, if they are good at sucking that is the most important, then come the fucking. I would try yoga class, maybe would be lucky to pick up one gal in the class. ha ha ha

      • Richard, you should also try to ask your gf to suck your nipples while you are on top fucking her. It will triple the pleasure. Trust me. No matter how hard I try to control it, I can’t even withstand more than a minute, and my sperm will come bursting out. Truly pleasurable beyond words. You can put a second pillow under her head so that her mouth can reach your nipples.

        Ever since I tried it with the 19 year old webcam girl, there has been no turning back. I did it with all my subsequent gfs after that. But please make sure she has reached orgasm first, or else she will be very frustrated to be left high and dry 🙂

      • Guys nipples get sensitive too during sex, though our nip sizes incomparable to ladies’.. My wife love to tease my nips sometimes during sex

      • Guys’ nipples are sensitive all the time, not only during sex 🙂 Whenever my gf is having the urge, and I happen to be online on my PC doing something, she will creep up to me and tickle my nipples. Then she will suck them. My dick will get an instant hard on. It only takes 2 minutes for me to give in to her demands and follow her to bed. Its a powerful stimulant.

        She find this much better than performing BJ on me. BJ is smelly and needs a good wash beforehand.

      • Am I the only one touching my nipples now, after reading Patrick’s comment? 🙂

        Yes, BJ is smelly.. That’s why I don’t request my partner for one unless she voluntarily do it.. I’m fine. To be fair, I rarely go down under on my wife too

  2. Seriously? Thot it would nicer to suck their nipples while fucking them. I prefer woman who knows how to suck a cock well and then get themselves ready for a hard fuck.

    • Yes, true, girls like it too when we suck their nipples while fucking them. I will always remember her drowsy, half open eyes when I did that. It shows she is very much enjoying it. But after she has all the fun and orgasm, you are also entitled to yours 🙂

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