26 thoughts on “Spot the pokies 22

  1. Honestly, if her pokies were not showing, I wouldn’t waste my time looking at her. And I am damn sure that she is very well aware she will definitely get more hits with those highly visible nipples jutting out 🙂

    In the past, I have webcam chats with some teenage girls before. One or two of them are bold enough to display their pokies under their tight tees. The pokies are clear enough for me to even see the color, the shape of the nipple and even the aerole. Wow, those sweet moments that I had……

    • Wow.. Ur cam must been quite good to be able to see so clearly!
      Must had been having dirty chat with the gals, that’s why they got aroused and their nipples erected..
      Never ask them to pull up their tees and show their tits to u? 😉

      • Yes, got my hands on those HD cams. They are digital clear.

        Some of the teenage girls are very curious about sex, and they want to experiment and find out more. I managed to get one of them to show her slightly pink and light brown sharp pointed tits. But it’s just for a quick 1 or 2 seconds show.

        The other girl has quite big nipples. But I didn’t manage to convince her to show them to me.

      • awesome. its always nice to see teenage girls’ nips and breasts. lovely bunch. did they ask to see ur dick ? hahaha

      • Haha, no, they didn’t request to see my dick. I m the only one who made all the requests on them. Since they aren’t willing to go topless in front of the cam, I requested them to wear some thin and tight tees to show their pokies.

      • These two webcam chats ended up in sexual encounters anyway. One was 18 years old, average looks. The other one is 19 years, more pretty with very fair complexion.

        I recalled I met the 19 year old at 11am+. Later in the afternoon around 5pm+, she text me to meet up for another session. But I wasn’t free and available, so I change the time to 7pm+. Wow, maybe she has high sex urge on that day 🙂

        Could tell these two girls are from quite well to do family backgrounds, from the clothes they wear and the accessories they carry. Also the type of furnishings their room has. Both are very hygienic and clean.

      • Good they are past the legal age limit! Haha.. 18-19 years old gals are at their prime, where body is concerned.. so good for ya!
        The 19 yr old sure has high urge. Or both of them were virgins?
        Daring of them to actually ask you over to their place for sex the very first time!

      • No, I didn’t go to their place. Every time I would pick them up and fetch them over to my place. They are still staying with their parents, so it’s never a safe option to do it over at their place.

        From the webcam I could see nice, classy comforters and elegant wardrobes in the background. They carry expensive smartphones, handbags, etc. For their young age, all these luxuries must be at their parents expense.

        No, they are not virgins. hehe. No such luck for me 😦

      • Non-virgins mean u skipped the painful first couple of sessions, which may be abit bloody for some cases.. Nothing much to lose? 🙂

        My ex and wife were virgins but I never had luck/skills to turn online chats to sexual encounters though. Guess a lot had to do with me not being gutsy enough back then.

      • @patrick woah ! webcam sex to real sex. u the man ! hahaha. how was the session with either girls ? and how were their bodies ?

      • To give you guys an idea of how the 19 year old looked like, she looks quite like Malaysian girl racer Leona Chin, especially with those prominent rabbit teeth 🙂

        She loves lots of foreplay than actual intercourse. That’s where I fit in nicely. I like to perform orally for long periods of time, but can’t perform the same for intercourse, haha.

        Every session she gets really wet. During intercourse, I remembered I have to withdraw my dick 5~6 times to wipe off the slippery vagina juice and reinsert into her vagina again. Too much juice as lubricant reduces my dick’s sensation. Do you guys experience the same?

      • Yes.. when the in-out is too smooth, I feel the sensation is less too.. But I never had to withdraw so many times though; she really gets very wet!

      • I think we all have been brought up to think that virginity is a precious commodity. That’s where everyone values it. Be the first to deflower a virgin denotes some kind of conquest. It ain’t important, it’s just some kind of trophy to decorate our ego, that’s all.

      • I have never experience pain before during intercourse. Same with all the girls whom I have sex with. The vagina is moist most of the times, and so that offers some sort of lubricant. For some girls with tight vaginas, the initial penetration maybe a little difficult, but once the dick is inside, the in and out motion will be smooth thereafter, as the girl will start to feel stimulated and thus trigger the flow of vaginal juices.

  2. If not for her pokies, I wouldn’t want to waste my time looking at her 🙂
    I am damn sure she should be very well aware that with her pokies showing, she is definitely going to get more hits.

    In the past I had webcam chats with some teenage girls before. One or two of them are bold enough to display their pokies underneath their tight tees. The pokies are clear enough to allow me a clear view of the color of their nipples, the size and shape as well as their aerole. Wow, those good times…..

  3. Patrick, you are the man. No such luck so far. But honestly, no lost if they are not virgins. In the first place, most gals are not virgin around 14 to 15 these days. Also non virgins are better trained and can do what they do best, sucking cock!

    • When I was a teenager, someone told me, if you don’t fuck the girls, some other guy is going to fuck them anyway. So, why let someone eat the cake? You should go and eat the cake. Go and fight for your share. You deserve it 🙂

      I think this fact is rather true. Be a go-getter and accumulate as much wonderful experiences as possible. We only live once, remember?

      • I totally agree with you. I would take a chance rather than regret in my older years.

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