105 thoughts on “Pokies?

  1. We need to spray some water onto the particular spot to be able see it more clearly 🙂 Or else I could easily miss it. Haha

    • Or u can go for workout classes whr u sweat a lot. Im sure there are girls who “show” a lot with their thin sport bras. Hehe

  2. Well want to see pokies, not only in gym classes, there are girls who seldom wear bra out and especially when they wear translucent dresses, its very easy to see their pokies. I have seen a few. Most of these girls are Singaporeans…

    • Not often I get to see gals out without bras. But just yesterday near Tiong Bahru market, I saw a Singaporean lady I think stepped out of her car, seemingly searching for direction, she was wearing this dress and bcos her boobs size are quite decent, I can clearly see her pokies, she noticed me starring at her, so I thought she would quickly turn and get back into her car. But no, instead she stayed there as if looking at some sign boards and turned and face my direction, I must say the dress was quite see thru and I really had a hardon…. Wuuuuuu,,,,,

      • I do agree with you. C cup is nice. A cup is small. What about girls private part, do you like girls to have hairy, trimmed or hairless vagina?

        Do you have any photos of your sis zaogeng photos when sleeping or when she is sitting with legs wide open? If have, can send me?

      • you have pictures of girls with c cup boobs? im interested to know how they look like haha

      • Ok. Could u email me if u found any?
        Yea i like girls with perky and nice size boobs. What about girls interest u ?

      • Lester,

        I like girls with long legs and shaved cb. I also like girls with trimmed cb. what type of cb do u like?

        On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 2:57 AM, Anything Notti wrote:

        > lester commented: “oooo. u like long legs and toned thighs ? what kind of > pussies do u like ?” >

      • i see. i like girls with long legs too. erm i havent seen many cbs. so i dunno what is nice. what is yours like ?

      • I not only like girls with long legs. When girls wear super short shorts or skirts, I also like as can see many things.

        Well, what do you want to know about my cb?

        On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 1:59 AM, Anything Notti wrote:

        > lester commented: “i see. i like girls with long legs too. erm i havent > seen many cbs. so i dunno what is nice. what is yours like ?” >

      • Oh i see. Super short skirts n shorts will sometimes lead to zaogeng of panties or butt, esp if the girl is tall.
        I actually never see girls cb before. Haha. What does yours look like ? Hairy?

      • Oh i see. U love to their long legs and their panties ?
        I like trimmed or hairless cb.
        Is your hairless n pink ? Haha

      • wow hairless permanently ! wow. may i see pictures of your cb ? hehe thanks

        thats cool. sure the inner thighs n long legs will make your cb wet

      • well Lester, what does cb stands for? in the first place, why want to see my cb?

        On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 10:40 AM, Anything Notti wrote:

        > Lester commented: “Yea i know what is cb. Hahaa. A pretty good thing. So > can i see your cb? Aha” >

      • Okay. I will show u my cheebye but you must promised me one thing. Do not share, repost or show to your friends. If I come to know that u share or repost my photos, I will report and ignore u

      • hairy or hairless cb is equally nice. no preference. oh cool! yea i promise you i wont share pictures of ur cb. u can drop me your pictures @lester1990x@gmail.com thanks!

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