Just Bikini 14

   Tight valley

 Obviously someone need to sun-tan topless to get a more even tan.
 Side boob spilling..

 There’s some volume packed inside that purple bikini bottom. Heh
   Oh.. That pushed up tit (red bikini)

 Killer legs.. 

   Killer legs + nice cleavage.. 🙂

 Always loved bikini shots from this angle
   Smooth complexion 

 Love the smile on the girl at the right, and her boobs. 
   Sweet looking girl.. Body could do better with some toning though 🙂

 The two babes sure know how to place their legs strategically!

18 thoughts on “Just Bikini 14

  1. In the fourth photo, the girl in purple bikini has something inside her bikini. If see properly, she has pad in between her legs.

      • Well, at the moment i do not have any photos of me in swimsuit. Maybe later stage, will take a few and send you.

        I like girls to wear bikini or one piece swimsuit. They look beautiful and Sexy.

      • Alright thanks. Looking fwd to your swimsuit photos. What other photos of yourself u have?

        Haha same. I love seeing girls in bikini. One piece too. Esp when they have tight and curvaceous bodies 🙂

  2. Wow i simply love the girls in pics 3, 4, 6, 8. Would be awesome to see them up close or even nude hehehe. Anyone wanna share their identities?

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