Some stuffs..

1) I blogged before about this prettiest friend of my wife’s who visited our house sometimes, and most of the times I got to see her downblouse.

Well, she’s now attached; no wonder she haven’t been visiting for quite a while! There goes my doses of ‘pretty face + nice cleavage’ views.. 😔

2) Visited a relative in hospital. The patient sharing the ward is a lady in late twenties. Just one of those usual hospital visiting until that female patient got out of her bed to go to the toilet.

The back of her patient grown was very loosely tied and there was a big gap behind; showing her back, and part of her panties.. How careless of her. 😄

3) A pretty friend updated her FB profile picture; she posing with her young kid, and leaning slightly forward. Oh that wonderful cleavage.. Was the subject for my ‘you-know-what’ session later that day.. 😜

4) Was queuing for payment at the cashier when the teenage girl in front of me suddenly stepped back. “Quash”, her butts pressed firmly against the back of my hands. 🤗

Haha.. I’m innocent! She doesn’t seem to bother anyway. 

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