8 thoughts on “FBT bonus

  1. Just 2 weeks ago, I was helping a long time buddy to trouble shoot his home PC which was showing some signs of trouble. His younger sister was helping to clear some things off from the computer desk. I was squatting down near the desk to get access to the CPU. Her FBT shorts were at the same level as my eyes. I was aiming to get a closeup view of her snow white thighs, and if possible a peek at her panties, to see what color she was wearing.

    No luck though. No free panties show. But as I was about a foot away from her thighs, I could smell the obvious odour from her pubic πŸ™‚ Wow, I must say she certainly has strong vaginal odour. Have you guys ever experience that before?

    • Experience as in so up-close you could smell the odour of her vagina? Haha.. Didn’t happen for me.
      But having one’s face to be within a foot away from a gal’s tights, u r lucky too!

      • She is just 18. Tall and slender. No bf yet….:)
        I guess I must be at the right place and right timing too.

        Btw, back home I tried it with my gf by staying a foot away from her pubic and I can’t smell a thing, even though I try to sniff really hard. But from a few inches away, the faint smell starts to come in πŸ™‚

      • Pat, you have a thing for vagina odour?? =p
        I suppose the force, I mean smell, is strong with your friend’s sister.. Haha

  2. Ya, this is the first time I ever smelled a girl’s pussy odour from outside her shorts. Unique experience, even though it was only for a mere 2 seconds. But enough to get me thinking and wondering πŸ™‚ My mind is still registering the odour till today, haha. Without even licking her, I already know what she tastes like.

  3. Having the experience of smelling girls vagina is something interesting and to share the experience of smelling girls vagina. Most girls like to wear FBT shorts, some even have the waist band rolled or the curved portion rolled up and that makes the FBT shorts even shorter.

    There are few occasions that I bend down to take something which I had dropped and there is girl who wears FBT shorts was standing very close to me and there is a smell from her vagina through her FBT shorts. When I turned my head, I managed to catch a look under her FBT shorts, she as not wearing any panties and her vagina smell is nice. Furthermore her vagina is hairless.

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