Just Bikini 13

    Nice curves..🤓

 A solid C? Or D?

  So big you can’t even cup them 😜

    Oh, my fair bobbies 

 Inviting posture? 😉
   Smooth complexion, and the size is right! 😁

  Love it when the bottom fabric is convering just the minimal 😍
    No prize for single out the hot one 

  Still look sizable even though they are lying down..
   Who’s your favorite?? 😊
     “Keep away! The nice titis is mine!”😤
   Oh my oh my… 😋

12 thoughts on “Just Bikini 13

  1. The last time I saw girls in swimsuit and bikini, I can’t let my eyes off one or two chicks in particular. It’s not that their swimsuits were more revealing or more striking as compared with the rest.

    I love looking at the panty line marks on their groins. Boy, they look sexy. Panty line marks are caused by wearing tight panties over prolonged periods of time. As such, the panties will inevitably leave a mark running along the groin areas. You can actually tell what kind of panties she has been wearing all along, whether it’s grandma’s, low cut or high cut 🙂

  2. Girls ini Bikini or in one-piece is nice. Girls in bikini is really sexy and nice as they expose their cleavages and breasts and also their thighs…..if look carefully, some girls will also expose their pubic hair through the sides of their swimsuit or bikinis. I like girls wearing bikin or one piece swim suit.

    • I don’t know how is that possible. That guy would probably die due to the amount of blood he is losing just in that short moment. 7 drops of blood is needed to make 1 drop of sperm. But then again, don’t believe anything you see in the movies. They can make you fly to the moon 🙂

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