Body hugging dress

Chanced upon a mid-20s lady clad in a pastel pink, body-hugging dress. The dress  is pretty short, with less than 2-finger width away from seeing her butts cheeks.

Boobs size should be B-cup. There is a deep V at the back of her dress, revealing part of her bra strap.

As the dress fabric is abit thin, I can make out the outline of her light-colored panties. It’s the granny type.

Seriously, if you’re dressing so sexily, at least wear a thong or something?! 😆😆

29 thoughts on “Body hugging dress

  1. Some of the girls told me that grandma panties are more comfortable. For some, comfort comes first, looks second. Especially when they are menstruating and need to wear pads. So you really can’t blame them for choosing the wrong panties to wear. 🙂

    G-strings are worst compared to thongs. The string can keep tugging at your pubic area and can be quite a chore. Thongs are more forgiving.

    Body hugging dresses suit best with thongs. If the girl has sexy and fully developed butts, it certainly enhances the appearance. Thongs can give the fake impression that she is not wearing any panties inside 🙂

    For those who don’t like thongs, they can go with boxer panties that eliminate the sight of embarrassing panties lines.

    But some girls do actually love to show their panties lines. For them it portray sexiness. Especially those low-cut panties with narrow bezels at the sides. I can’t agree more. Oh my, I love this category of girls.

    • Yea.. Comfort and beauty often don’t go hand in hand. 🙂 just like heels vs sneakers. Thongs definitely look uncomfortable to me, although I never wear one before =P

      Oh yea.. Seeing the panties lines of those low cut panties turn me on too! Just goes to suggest the wild side of the lady hidden underneath her clothes. Lol

    • Patrick,

      You are right in saying that granny panties are more comfortable as some girls told you. Granny panties are comfortable in a way that they are bigger in size and covers most of the bottom and when we girls come menses, and we need to wear pad. Some brand of pads are extra long and thick. By wearing smaller size panties sometimes can be uncomfortable but there are girls who prefer to wear smaller size panties when they come menses and their pads can be seen clearly but by wearing granny panties can also comfortable and pads can’t be seen clearly but the shape of the pads can be seen very clearly from behind the clothes that girls wear, especially shorts or jeans..

    • Patrick,

      When we girls wear smaller size panties or granny panties when we come menses, shape of pads can be seen also especially there are girls who wear thick or extra long pads and wearing miniskirt and sit with legs wide open. There are also girls who wear miniskirts during their menses and sometimes when they open their legs, the wings of the pads can be seen.

  2. Most girls like to wear tight-fitting and translucent dress, can see weather she is wearing any panties, G-string or thongs. For bra, it would be obvious, even the colour also can be seen

      • Neymar, not that they don’t care about their bra straps showing. It’s the trend. It’s the current fashion 🙂 They would feel absolutely out of place if their bra straps are tucked in.

      • I hope and pray there will be a trend to reveal their panties in the coming fashion line 🙂

        I’m not sure if you can remember, some 10 years ago, there was a trend for ladies to wear very low cut jeans. Some of the jeans were so low that they almost reach down to their pubic area. So, the girls have to wear super mini panties to go along with these jeans. The icing on the cake is, when these girls squat down, their whole butt line can be seen, including of course, their mini panties. 🙂

  3. Today, I was out with my friends at Parkway Parade. I saw many girls wearing FBT shorts and some even have the curved end folded and almost saw their panties. and there also a few that wore super short flare skirts and when sit, their legs were wide open and their thighs can be see and panties can be seen.

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