Saw a view like this while dining at some restaurant. A Caucasian mother, in her late thirties, was attending to her kid.

Dangling breasts. Haha.. I’m pretty sure she wore a bra as it was visible thru her translucent top. Still, the degree of exposure of her tits and the way they swayed.. suggested her bra must have been really loose! 😆

33 thoughts on “Dangling

  1. There was once when I was in New Jersey. This was quite sometime back. A Caucasian lady was showing a lot of boobs when she bend over the pram to take out a water bottle.

    “Nice boobs…” I said and smiled as I walked past her. Immediately she looked up, a bit surprised and lost as to what to say. Then I heard “Thank you!” from her. I wasn’t sure if she was glad or anywhere close to dislike with my comment. I admitted I had been overly cheeky. Even their own kind would not have bothered to utter anything. Hahaha

    But don’t even think to try that in Spore or Malaysia. Our women here are not so kind and merciful.

      • Especially for you guys, when you guys try to look at we girls breasts, cleavages, we girls will accused you guys of sexual harassment…..

    • Patrick, for Singapore & Malaysian girls to expose their boobs is not so easy as most girls are wearing t shirt or blouse which covers everything, but……

    • I was walking by in JB a Chinese lady bend down to pick up the toy her 5 yo boy threw. She quickly put her hands to cover her chest.She looked at me angrily.I was not even looking.She treated me like a pervert.

  2. Very nice indeed. I was in the bust this morning. When opposite me sits a yound lady in her mid 20s. She was having this bag on her lap and pushed her blouse loose at the top. And i had a good 15 mins view of her nice cleavage to my office. Hope i see her after work too. Lol

    • For sure, we always like to see other girls zaogeng. When it comes to our own gf zaogeng, is it ok with you? Just curious to share this point with you guys.

      It was only two days ago that my gf was dusting the floor mats outside her car in the car park. She was bending over, clad in a loose sleeveless tee and shorts. Very obviously her entire bra, and the front part right down to her tummy could be clearly seen. Already a few foreigners who happened to walk past, had their eyes fixed on her body. If you were in my shoes, would you tell her to cover up? Or do it facing the wall so that nobody could get an eyeful?

      Some girls are, simply said, not very aware of their surroundings.

      • So what did you do in the end? 🙂
        u think the guys might have seen your gf’s nipples?

        My wife belongs to the category who doesn’t care about herself zaogeng. Countless cases which I noticed other guys looking at her downblouse or upskirt..
        For me, it actually makes me feel abit aroused that others are looking. Haha.. Well, if it’s no good, who would wanna look? =P
        So most of the times I don’t tell her. Except for a couple of times, I think her nips were exposed. Guess that’s my threshold. Lol

      • I don’t think her nipples can be seen, consider the cup and shape of her breasts. Moreover her bra was well fit. Not much gap or space in between. 🙂
        But I did remind her to be more conscious of her surroundings.

        Well, that’s quite true, if the girl is not attractive, the guys won’t bother to look. Somehow it gives us a sense of pride. But, I haven’t gotten to the stage of feeling aroused when a guy is looking down my girl’s boobs or looking up her skirt 🙂

        There was a time she was about to get up from her seat after we have finished our meal at a restaurant. She was in her office wear, a short tight skirt. The type of skirt that can very easily zaogeng. A fat guy at the opposite table was staring at her legs at that moment. I could see the excitement in his eyes. I knew he must have seen something he liked to see. That was one of the many occasions which I witnessed her zaogeng.

      • Patrick, the girl who zaogeng is it your gf? Do you have photos of your gf zaogeng? Wish can see. For me, I have seen many girls zaogeng.

        Sent from my ASUS

      • Nah, she doesn’t have any transparent or fishnet panties. Maybe a couple of those with lace that are semi transparent in front. Those are sexy and I love them, for the reason that part of her bush can be seen.

        Maybe you should also share with us stories about how your wife zaogeng to others 🙂

      • Ah.. My wife has similar panties as you described, but it’s more of semi-transparent at the back thus showing her butts.
        So did your gf’s pubic hair come thru the netted front part of those panties? 😉

        Mm.. Will do so in future!

      • That is nice view of pubic hair coming out from the netted front of the panties. I have some netted panties and some of my pubic hair does Come out of my netted panties

        Sent from my ASUS

      • I don’t think I noticed her bush hair come thru the net panties. Those net holes are really fine with floral patterns on them. I recalled I scribbled some notti words on her panties with a red marker after I just got to know her. 🙂

      • Well Patrick, I love to see other girls zaogeng too although I’m a girl. For a girl to see other girls zaogeng is fine. There are girls who knows that someone is watching her, she would even open her legs wider

        Sent from my ASUS

      • For sure, we always like to see other girls zaogeng. When it comes to our own gf zaogeng, is it ok with you? Just curious to share this point with you guys.
        Men will always like to see other ladies ‘zaogeng’ but own gf or wife unless he likes the attention to his gf or wife.

  3. old story.There was a 25-30 yo Chinese lady opp. where I was staying.She was always naked running out of the bath next to the kitchen early 4-5am.She thought no one was had woken up. I was. I saw her a few times and she saw me back from the kitchen windows.No curtains in the kitchen windows. Sometimes. on a few Saturdays, she would be naked and walked to her kitchen.Many saw her like that.
    Guess what.A few days,later she came to my front door to confront me for ‘peeping her’ with her husband. Wow! what a raging woman and an angry man.

    • Haha! Kinda ridiculous she would confront you when it’s clearly her decision to flash.. Although unpleasant but at least you get to enjoy the view, not just once but a few times!
      Good for you that she’s a young lady. So how’s her figure & looks?

      • She was not the flashing type.She was the type that thought no one was there, so she quickly ran to the kitchen toilet early in the morning. A great body for a 20 something Chinese girl!.Her frontal was really great!Having a hard one right as I mention her.I saw her a few seconds as the light from the toilet allowed me to see her naked back as she came out.Waiting for her to go into the toilet was troublesome as she switched on the toilet light in a flash and in she went.
        She had long flowing black hair down to her waist,naked butt, about 5 foot 9-11 inches, slender body athletic type (not Jojo Sinclair type), Cindy Crawford or Glenda Chong shape face bone.

        I was stupid to stand in front of the kitchen windows light off with my human shape in the dark.It was the adrenaline rush that really pushed me, the thumping heartbeats, hot flushed face and smoke coming out of my ears.

      • Good for you! What’s her tits size? Bushy/trimmed/bare? Face pretty? 🙂
        Did you jerk off straight away after seeing such quality view?

        I’m curious how the confrontation ended..

    • That wasn’t peeping. That was only browsing on your part.

      It is clearly expected for anyone to be more cautious in a jungle of high rise apartments if she doesn’t want to be seen in the nude. How could she be sure no one else is watching too? Maybe there are countless others watching her from behind scroll down curtain blinds with binoculars and high tech zoom cameras and video equipments. Haha

      There again, this bitch can’t afford to be lazy and got to learn to put on her clothes.

      • Patrick, I remembered you can see easily see other girls from the opposite block nude, or bathing when visiting Hong Kong. In the city areas where the blocks.of flats are very very close to each other. Depends on how lucky you are, if very lucky, it happens that room window is facing the other block of flat’s toilet, when the girl is in the toilet, everything can be seen very clearly.

        Sent from my ASUS

      • This woman was not lazy, it is her habit.My aunt is the same.I hears from my mother that my aunt is always naked in her home with curtain drawn.It is a no go area for me (aunt’s home).So if you pass by and the wind blows the curtain open.You witness her nakedness. She sees you, she will accuse you of peeping her.The exhibitionist is always right, the men are always wrong and ‘Peeping Tom’.

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