17 thoughts on ““Oh short shorts!”

  1. That is nice to see girls in short shorts or extremely short shorts. Not only see girls in short or extremely short shorts, also in short uniform skirts or pinafore.

    I love to see girls in short shorts or in super short shorts.

    • Oh my tell me about it..
      And living in a home, where I got to see my sister in a super short shorts and at times in a short dress… It makes me hard and makes me go wild on my mind.
      Thinking of ways to fuck her hard

  2. Acer, what do you want me to tell you about?
    By the way, have got any photos of your sister in super short shorts and dress? does she wear panty under her shorts and dress?

      • Where did u send the pics of a Gal?

        Would appreciate if you can get few pics of your sister in fbt shorts and if possible of her zaogeng…..
        Am I asking too much? Sorry…

  3. Stan gimme your email i wanna share with u the best fbt shorts photo on instagram. Most imptly not many know about it. And u can share it as your next blogpost
    cos im sure other readers r very curious bt it.

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