7 thoughts on “SIA good service

  1. I travelled on Japan Airlines and once, the stewardess squatted down to take something from the bottom tray of the trolley. I strained my eyes and tried to figure out what was the color of her panties. As the lighting was not good, can’t see anything except darkness around her crotch area, ayeeeee. The stewardess was quite good looking, slim and tall.

    I never had any luck with air stewardess. My friends used to have a lot of zaogeng encounters with cabin crew. How come they are so lucky, and not me. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    One even dated a SIA stewardess and have a one night stand with her.

    • I also don’t have much luck seeing air stewardess zaogeng too.. Haha.
      Maybe if we spend more and take SIA, the chances of seeing some zg is higher? After all their kabaya uniform show more flesh compared to most airlines 😉

      • SIA has nothing else to offer except cleavage. Their kebaya is too long to offer any upskirt view.
        I have also flew on Cathay Pacific and Air Asia where their uniforms are short skirts. But I haven’t any luck so far to get a glimpse of their panties. My friends have witnessed a few Cathay Pacific staff’s white panties. Lucky chaps.


      • But their kebaya is quite body hugging and show off the ladies figure 😉
        Lucky chaps.. I never seen air stewardess up skirts before too

      • Well Stan, if take SIA flight, the chances of see ZG is higher as the uniform of the SIA Air Stewardess have splits on the uniform and when they walk, can see their inner thighs and some when walking and taking big strides, can see more…. I have seen many…

  2. Quite sometime back, I chanced upon the net about a Malay guy who managed to take a upskirt shot of a SIA stewardess in kebaya. The bottom of the kebaya is a few inches away from the ground, so making it possible to slip a shoe cam or whatever cam underneath it. That girl is fair skin, most probably a Chinese, and her hair is tied up in a bun. I am not sure how the guy managed to get up close to the stewardess and snap the shot. Could be one of her colleagues, you never know. Even though the white panties wasn’t perfectly clear, but it’s clear enough to give anyone the itch. 🙂

  3. Interesting topic about SIA, Cathay Pacific Air Stewardess Zaogeng (Upskirts). For me, I have seen many airline stewardesses upskirts as I have flown with SIA, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia etc.

    Well although air stewardesses from Cathay Pacific and Air Asia are wearing their uniforms which are skirts, can also see the colour of their panties and inner thighs when they squat down, even can see their cleavage when they bend down to serve passengers. When I was on board Cathay Pacific, I managed to look under the air stewardesses skirts…..I remembered when I was on board SIA Air Bus 380, I also managed to look under the air stewardess kebaya. Nice thighs and white panties. Not only white panties, they are also wearing pantyhose.

    There was one occasion that I was on board Japan Airlines while going to Japan for holiday with my girlfriends. Air Stewardesses from Japan Airlines are wearing skirts same as Cathay Pacific and Air Asia. But for air stewardesses from Japan Airlines, their skirts are quite short and most of them wear black pantyhose and when they squat, they will definitely open their legs and can see their panties and if you are lucky, can see their pad……

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