Nice happenings..

Here is a roundup of some lucky incidents I encountered in the past couple of weeks!

The Carousell Seller

Went to a female seller’s house to collect some stuffs. Apparently she overslept and seemingly still in a daze when she opened the door for me. How I know? Cause her hair was kinda messy, and she forgot to put on her bra!

Clad in a brown tank top and shorts (till knee caps), her nipples protrusion was super obvious. She has kids which explain why her nipples were quite big. Tits size should be a C cup, but looks abit saggy though without the bra support. Average looking lady in early 30s. I had a good 2-3 minutes of the pokies view during the transaction. 😁

Cycling with wife’s cousins

Had a cycling session with my wife’s relatives; my favorite (wife’s) cousin joined us too. She was in a singlet and shorts. The shorts was till almost knee cap, nothing much. For the singlet, the opening at the arm areas is quite big; can see clearly she was wearing a pink sports bra inside.

Yes, I know it’s just sports bra (and not the conventional bra)… but I simply can’t help looking at that whenever chance permits during the cycling! At one instance, she was bending forward in front of me, and presented some nice cleavage. Thanks to the sports bra in pushing up her assets. 😄

The Caucasian commuter 

Lady in her early 30s. Clad in a small dress with floral prints. I’m 80% sure that she wasn’t wearing a bra! Been a long while since I saw pokies on the street… Not surprisingly, such opportunities almost certainly come only from Westerners. Lol

7 thoughts on “Nice happenings..

  1. You know, in case many of you guys do not know about….in certain parts of Europe, they have a pay-per-view website that screens the private lifes of couples. That is to say, couples are paid to have their private life being aired to the public. Eat, sleep, make love, shower, practically everything is being shown to viewers who pay to watch. Up to 10 hidden cams are installed in each and every room and bathroom.

    Our local deejay and celebrity Pearlyn Koh did it sometime back, but the show was shelved for some unknown reasons. But Pearlyn did no nudity. It was just panties and bra, at the most.

    Back to those guys in Europe, they do not have to work. For their work is to stay home, do their normal routines and that’s it. And they are paid for that. Consider that the best job in the world? Haha, you bet.

    • Interesting.. So Pat, have you watched any of such sessions?
      I guess it sucks if one pays but only get to watch them eat, watch tv or use computer.. And the peak traffic for viewership is likely between 11pm-12am. Lol..
      Yet again for hardcore voyeurs, they look for more than just sex or nudity

      • I watched plenty of it. Even as a non-member, I got to see some of the girls walking out naked into the hall from their bathroom; girls masturbating in the nude in the living room; and on a few occasions, couples making love in the hall 🙂

        The bathroom and bedroom are off limits to non-members. The living room is free for all. If you are lucky at the right place and time, you get to watch some free hot stuff.

        Everyone of these European girls shave their pussy clean.

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