51 thoughts on “Ah.. Cleavages 7

  1. Holy Grace…I thought the girl in the second pic was my current gf. Wonder what she is doing by taking a sexy selfie and posting it online.

    But on closer observation, the pic looks like her only. It’s not her. 🙂

  2. Yes she’s B cup. Firm and nice boobs. No sagging. If you want to know what’s the color of her nipples, I can tell you too. No problem 🙂 Good things are meant to be shared around. Hahaha

      • Her nipples are red, although how I had wish to have pink. Haha. But it’s ok. Just make the best of it.

        She told me when she was a few years younger, the color was lighter. Over the years it could be due to hormonal changes or sort?

        I don’t really know the answer. I have seen women in their late 40s with pink tits.

      • Patrick,

        Your sis had red nipples? Wan to know the answer? Want to know color of my nipples?

      • My wife’s is brown. Yes, hers was lighter in color when she was younger too..
        I guess pink nipples are pretty rare.

        Then do u try breast fuck with ur gf? When my wife was B cup, I tried but abit difficult cause the volume is not there

      • Well Stan,

        Girls with pink nipples are not really rare. There are still girls with pink nipples.

        I have seen a few. What size of breasts are you into? For me I am more into 32 to 36

      • I don’ think I like breast fucking, haha. I have a short stint with a girl with 38D before, and breast fucking didn’t cross my mind at all. Our sex life was just so-so, because I am not so attracted to big boobs. I am more into size 32 to 36 🙂

      • Lester, ever see girls zaogeng in public? Well, I have see many in school and also in public.

      • oh B cup is ok. its not too big or small. are your boobs perky ? i wanna see hehe.

        yea i managed to see some girls zagoeng. like skirts and downblouses. haha. what u like to see ?

      • Well lester, my boobs are not perky but its average.

        For upskirts I like girls wearing miniskirts, walking up escalators, stairs or even sitting down, bending down etc. what about you?

      • Oh haha u still must have boobs. Do u have pictures?

        Yes escalators, sitting down, looking frm lower levels. But hard to see la. Most girls will notice n pulll down their skirts

      • Lester,

        Regardless of the sizes of the boobs of most girls, off course girls have boobs. What do you mean by the remark you made in reply to me ?

        My boobs size is B Cup. Well from lower level of escalators and stairs can be seen, but you guys must be careful. But for we girls looking under other girls is fine .

      • Oh angelina. I mean u still have nice boobs no matter what size they are.

        Ah yes. Guys must b careful nt to get caught when looking frm above. Seems like u enjoy seeing upskirts? Haja

      • Yes I do enjoy seeing upskirts or shorts. Can see many things. You guys need to b careful when seeing upskirts from girls going up escalators or staircase

      • Oh upskirts are difficult to see usually. Girls will hold their skirts down when going up escalators.

      • Well Lester, I do agree that most girls will hold their skirt down but there are also girls who will not hold their skirts down when they go up the escalators or stairs. I have seen girls underneath when they go up escalators, stairs or even when they sit…..

      • Its quite rare to nt see a girl hold her skirt down, esp when shes wearing a mini. Cool. What was the best kind of upskirt n panties u saw?

  3. Breast fuck is best with girls who have narrow gap between their firm boobs. You just made me recall my ex’s younger sister, the one whom I posted a pic of her zaogeng when she was sleeping in the hall. She has very nice firm, size 35 boobs with narrow gap in the center. You can imagine caressing and squeezing her firm boobs while rubbing your cock in between them. Haha

      • Oh yes, can’t help it, to be frank with you. 🙂
        Her boobs were probably one of the sweetest I have ever seen. Not only were they full size, they were also firm, solid and juicy. Just that the nipples were brown. If they had been pink, haha, I guess it would have been perfect.

      • Both my ex and her sis are used to changing their clothes in front of each other. They don’t feel shy at their own nudity. So after their shopping spree, they just try on their new clothes in the hall. All it needs is just some courage to peep through my bedroom door. Voila!

      • Of course the credit goes to the fairer skin younger sister, being 2 years her junior. She also has a lot of admirers. Due to this, she can be a bit cocky too.

        Nah, both of them don’t shave. On some occasions, my ex will shave completely bald, just for my tongue. 🙂

    • Patrick,

      Your ex and her younger sis have narrow gaps in between their boobs? That is nice. Have photos to see both of them?

  4. Patrick, mind if I ask, do you have photos of your ex and her sis? do they wear shorts most of the time? do you have photos of them in shorts too?

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