Just Bikini 11

   Deep valley!
  Not big, but looks smooth…
Love the string bikini bottom
  Smack that tight ass!
  “Check out our sexy killer legs!”
  Nice view from the side
  Boobies on the left looking in good shape!
  Some girls score in both the face and figure.
  Who wanna run his hand down that thigh? Lol…
 My favorite is.. argh.. Hard to choose!

8 thoughts on “Just Bikini 11

  1. Honestly, when it comes to the last pic, I don’t have a favourite. Just pick them all. Lols. I don’t ever think one is enough. That is why we keep hunting for new girls to screw every now and then in our lives. 🙂

      • Angelina, it is hard to tell you in words how is the feeling. You have to try it yourself first hand to know it. Inserting a penis into your vagina is a lot more feel than using artificial objects. If the guy’s skill is good, you should be able to achieve orgasm in just minutes. Sometimes you can even get multiple orgasms.

        My gf always have orgasm before I do. Sometimes she can get as many as 3 orgasms. Maybe she is a bit more sensitive sexually. I have come across one or two girls before who can’t reach orgasm easily.

      • Really? Your gf have orgasm before you? how many times she have orgasm? well there are some girls who cant reach orgasm easily but takes time…Patrick, mind if I ask, is your gf vagina have hair?

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