Cafe treat, again

At the cafe this morning, there is this gal seated adjacent to my table. She is in her early-twenties, clad in singlet & denim shorts; her figure very similar as above pic.

And thru-out my time in the cafe, she had her legs crossed like this. Got an eyeful of her slim legs and thighs… 😁😁

33 thoughts on “Cafe treat, again

  1. Usually this type of situation is very very common in Singapore as well as other countries. Correct me if I am wrong, guys. Can see this type of pose and see girls sit with legs wide open etc.

  2. Whenever I see a lot of thighs in food courts, it adds some taste to my food πŸ™‚ Some of the girls have the shorts pulled high up almost to their butts when their legs are crossed. Just a little bit more then the panties could be seen. My, some of the girls thighs are so fair and smooth, that I tend to imagine putting my head in between her legs to taste her cunt.

    Its funny, why we guys like something that is downright smelly and dirty πŸ™‚

    • Haha.. I’m not a fan of tasting cunts, though I do it occasionally for my wife..
      But yea.. I get what you mean about shorts pulled high up when they sit cross legged πŸ™‚

      • Stan,

        There are girls who wear FBT shorts and they will pull up their shorts at the waist end and when sit crossed-legged or sit with legs wide open, inner thighs and panties can be seen. I am sure guys would like to see. There are also girls who will rolled up the shorts at the thighs end and that would be a great view.

      • Stan, are you put off by the odour? So that’s why you were never a big fan? Haha, I sure understand. Not every man likes pussy licking.

        I don’t like to taste cunts too, especially those with very strong odour. I have slept with not more than 15 girls in my life so far, and I find most of them have acceptable pussy odour. There is only one who has quite a repulsive odour that I can’t even lick her for more than a minute.

      • Yeah, that’s quite true, a woman’s pussy can get creamy even a few hours after her bath. So when Angelina mentioned about keeping her pussy clean and smelling nice all the time, I wonder how is it possible. Unless she has an enormous amount of free time, and can afford to wash it every two to three hours….which again, I think almost every girl would find too cumbersome.

      • Patrick, well its true that I keep my vagina clean and smell nice is after my shower everytime I came back from school….

        Well I do agree that girls vagina will get creamy and wet at times. When this happens, there is a smell……

    • Patrick Hon,

      It’s true that when seeing girls in shorts and the way that they sit in public, it’s a really nice view for girls and guys. But especially for guys, when that see what we girls wear and the way we girls sit, they will keep their eyes on us. But there are girls when noticed that guys are looking under their skirts or shorts, they will immediately closed their legs and there are girls who will open wider.

      Well it’s not true that we girls underneath smells or dirty. We do keep our private part clean and smell nice.

      • Angelina, since you mentioned that you like to keep your pussy nice and clean, has anyone lick yours before?

      • Partrick Hon,

        Every girl also want and will keep their vaginas clean and nice. For mine, it had been licked by other girls before and I also love to lick other girls vagina too.

  3. I personally like to lick pussy. I feel that when you lick a woman well, they tends to suck my cock better and let me fuck harder and they can cum and cum. For my girl, she wash everytime she visits the toilet. So her pussy smells good throughout the day. Some girls are just lazy i think.

    • Well, I do agree with you that some girls are just simply lazy to wash their vaginas. But from what I know, most girls will wash their vaginas very often to ensure that their vaginas smell nice throughout the day. Richard, As you mentioned that your girl washes her vagina everytime she visits the toilet, then can I ask u a very personal question.

    • Richard Tan,

      I do agree that by keeping our vaginas clean and smell nice is personal hygiene. For me, I do wash my private part everytime I visit the toilet. I am also aware that there are girls that their vagina will get wet when see other girls and for me, mine also will get wet.

      There are also girls who vagina gets wet and when they sit with legs wide open, the wet patch can be clearly seen.

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