Naked Bike Ride . Chinese

Air ticket from Singapore to London : $1300

Hotel accommodation : $300

Registration fee for World Naked Bike Ride event : $60

Encounter a gorgeous Chinese babe whom bared all : PRICELESS 


6 thoughts on “Naked Bike Ride . Chinese

  1. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when we Chinese are in a foreign country, we tend to follow the culture and trend there.

    I met and knew a few Malaysian Chinese girls who were working in restaurants in New York. And they all have Spanish or Italian boyfriends. Most of them don’t go for Chinese boyfriends over there. The Spanish are known for their good sexual skills. They are better than us Asian Chinese anytime, anyday.

    Once these Chinese girls got laid by the Spanish/Italian guys, they will get hooked, and become more of a sex partner than a gf. They get to enjoy good sex here which they won’t get back home.

    I have too many of such sex stories to tell. It is too long to put them all here.

  2. nice post bro! i was looking for the uncensored pics. for me, your pic is the greatest. the other pics are blurry and full of censor…

    do you have the uncensored pic?
    and if you have it, would you mind posting that pic here?

    best regards n greetings from indonesia 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree more – this is the cutest girl ever, and i’m so glad she showed her entire naked body to the world.

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