49 thoughts on “FBT shorts 26

      • Acer, that is your sis sleeping & showing her thighs? Nice pose and thighs she has. Can get or send me more of her photos, if you don’t mind…..sorry to ask….

      • Acer,

        Your sister has nice thighs and wish can see more of her thighs, sleeping photos and if can, her vagina photos…..hope u don’t mind, Acer.

      • Acer, for the photos of your sister sleeping and wearing FBT shorts, I have not received any yet. Would appreciate if you can get more photos of her and send me.

  1. Maybe we can make this place a little hotter by uploading pictures of our gf partially nude :). Any takers? I am a liberal type of guy.

    I can start the ball rolling by uploading a pic of me and my gf’s intimate moment. It’s from a video still. You can see her boobs and body.

    If you guys are interested to see, I will upload it. If not, then forget it.

  2. Patrick, do you talk dirty to your gf. I love my gf, but I just love talking dirty to her. It makes our sex life much more exciting and more fun. There was once, I brought her to Bangkok and I suggested to have sex once we arrive, she replied, huh so early ah? I replied her, if not bring you here for what? She burst out laughing. LOL. Other times, I will just text her that I would like her to be home early and wash clean clean and get ready to suck my cock and let me fuck her hard. Other times when she have her menses, I will message her that I need her to suck me dry later. This really make our sex life much more fun. She can be my wife, my gf, my ons, my fling, my prostitute, my whore, my sex toy etc etc. She kind of like it. LOL.

      • Angelina, of course I talk to my gf about her menses. My gf is very good. she will ensure I get satisfied before her menses. And during her menses she also make sure she satisfy me either with a handjob or a blowjob. We do have sex during menses too, but only in the shower. We do also joke about menses too. I will ask her if I can have her strawberry jam sandwich? Lol. We laugh over it most of the time. We are a very crazy couple. We also throw darts and drink together. Then go home have hot sex depending who won the darts that night. Lol.

      • Well talking about menses is normal among girls. Girls not only talk about menses, they also talk about the brands of pads used by individuals and also the type of panties.

        Having sex during menses is nice and the feeling is good. I have experiences of having sex during menses with girls as I am a lesbian and I like girls. Me and my gf always had sex regardless of having menses or not. We even used our blood stained pads to rub against our thighs and vagina.

      • Richard Tan,

        When you talk about menses to your gf, what did you talk about menses? type of pads or tampons used and how to change pads or tampons and how long to change? So your gf uses pads or tampons? does your gf have hairy or trimmed or hairless vagina?

      • Acer, you still have sex with your ex when she is having her menses often? do u like having sex when girls come menses?

        Can send me photos of your sister when she come menses, if you don’t mind…

  3. Angelina, I don’t play with ladies used pads. But we do joke about it and during menses still have hot sex. In fact, I ever have an episode with a lesbian. I don’t think its consider sex as the whole episode, it was more of what she wanted to achieve out from it. She don’t mind sucking cock too and she does let me cum too. It was good fun and we become very good fren and she still ask me out for such ONS as and when she got tired or angry of her gf. LOL, she likes to be in control. Which I think is the whole idea to her. She is only 29. She has very nice 32B boobs, long hair and she likes to ride on me. Her name is Cindy, in case its your gf too. Don’t think so lah, bcos her gf is an ang mo now if I recall correctly. Lol.

    • LOL, we are quite professional about it. So when I meet her gf, I don’t talk about it. We just hang out and have drinks and party, ya, we are good frens seriously.

    • Well Richard, I have girlfriend who also have name Cindy too. But my girlfriend, Cindy is 25 years of age. Can send me the photo of her? From the way you describe her, I feel that she is pretty and have nice boobs and thighs……and also nice private part.

    • Richard, you mean both of you joke about pads? what do u mean? Sorry I don’t understand. By the way, You mention that you had sex with lesbian before, how is the feeling? Can intro Cindy to me? I like long hair and big boobs girls……….

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