25 thoughts on “Just Bikini 9

      • Ya, I think she will suck very well. I like girl who suck well as they know that after that they will get a good fuck. So, I always make sure they give me a good blow job.

      • I do agree with Richard that the girl in blue is sexy and tempting by the way she sits. I am sure she also licks well…..The 5 girls also showing their nice bottom….

  1. Wow the girl in blue is amazing. How does a small girl have such big boobs ? And that last picture. Great butts ! This is a awesome photo set

      • very pretty face!. she should be a model. i give her 8.5/10. hahah. you should hook up with such girls. they only come once in a lifetime 🙂
        the centre girl and the girl with the pink stripes bottom have the best butts 🙂 feel like knowing them

      • Oh yea.. To do it with such pretty gals is very straight man’s dream!
        My votes goes to the center girl and the one on extreme left 😉

      • Haha yea. What do u think is her boobs size ? Haha
        Oh yea. The one of the left has a great ass too. Haha. Would u dare to touch their butts? Hehe

      • Hahaha ok. Looks like B cup when she sit down. Bikini also need to push up. So tiring!
        Haha why dont u get a girl with such an ass? Then u can grab everyday haha

    • Lester, honestly, all of them have nice figures, thighs and butts. Not only the girl in blue. The rest of them are also not bad either. Wonder if their vaginas have hair.

      Apart from their butt, they have nice boobs too.. I love either small or big boobs but too big…

      • hahaha ok. thats true. all of them have nice bodies. but who is your favourite? i m sure their vaginas have hair. they look young, dont think they will shave.

        i love their boobs. hahaa. whether big or small

      • Nowadays young girls also go for laser treatment to remove hair from their underarms, bikini and also vagina areas. There are girls who have really hairy vagina but there are also girls who have trimmed or hairless vaginas. I have seen many.

      • Lester,

        Either big or small boobs are fine with me, but if the boobs are too big, it’s not too nice and it might look loose (you get where I am coming from)?

      • oh i see. yea i know about laser. do u like hairy or shaven girls ? haha. are u shaven or hairy ?

        yea. big boobs can b saggy. not nice to see. how about your boobs ? haha

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