2 cheap thrills today

1) While commuting to work today in a packed train. The office lady standing in front of me took a big step back as she made way for alighting passengers. Her butts pressed gently against the back of my hands twice!

2) While walking along a pavement, a teenage girl tried to squeeze past the gap between me and another pedestrian. I guess she misjudged the gap; her boobs brushed against my arm (near elbow) as she hurriedly walked past.


44 thoughts on “2 cheap thrills today

  1. Acer On,

    Well, I have experienced many times on board buses as well as MRT. The bus was crowded, standing behind me was another girl. She was standing so close and her butt keeps rubbing against mine and the feeling was good.

  2. LOL, so why buy a car and pay the COE, ERP, CARPARK, INSURANCE, ROAD TAX when you can enjoy so much more fun on MRT and BUSES. I have experienced several times when the train is packed and girls squeeze thru and their breasts brush again me. Shiok.

    • Richard Tan,

      It’s true that its interesting and can see many girls cleavages, thighs and bottom (if can) also also colour of their panties and much more…

  3. The feeling here is different compared with New York. Over here, the feeling is firmer and coarse. We are just brushing against their bra.

    In New York, one can get the much softer and spongy feeling. 🙂

    That’s because during the hot summer, girls over in New York dare to go out bra-less.

      • Ask your wife to do you a favour, ask her to brush against your body without a bra. The difference is staggering! Haha 🙂

      • Haha, of course that’s not what I meant, bro. I mean you ought to get a feel of a bra-less boobs first, then only you realise how soft and smooth the feeling is. So when you brush against a bra, you will know the big difference.

        When I first brushed against a bra-less lady in a New York subway, the feeling was so nice…soft, supple and soothing.

        I had no idea who and what it was at first, until I turned and looked. It was a lady around 30 or so. Then only I realised…..:)

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