19 thoughts on “My type 我的菜!

  1. Wah… her face and smile fucking cute.<3 imagine her looking up and staring into your eyes while sucking your dick… must be a nice view

    • The fact is, not all girls like to do BJ (blowjob). Some are so lousy at BJ that you are better off asking her to wash your bathroom instead. It is a waste of time when you are not the least enjoying it.

      • Some girls belong to the ‘grateful’ type, like my current gf. If I have given a good licking, she will repay back with a good BJ. So, at least, when I know I have done a marvellous job on her, my expected reward is not far away 🙂 🙂

  2. She looks nice, think the boobs are an A only. But I would fuck her still. For me, BJ is a must. I can’t have a gf that won’t suck my cock honestly. To me that is the most basic, if you can’t suck a cock, then is a no no for me. Its just me. I do lick my gf that’s for sure. In fact, I have experiences in the past that they even swallow which is very turn on. !!!!!

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