1 finger

A net friend whom I chatted with recently, told me she uses only 1 finger during masturbation. 1??

Oh my.. She must been really tight! Considering she has a pair of C-cup tits (which she claims), her ex-bf is one lucky chap. 


44 thoughts on “1 finger

  1. Not really.

    As per my experience, most girls I have met are not able to handle two fingers. It will cause pain and discomfort. Honestly they can’t even explain why, since the penis is so much thicker than the finger. Even when she is very wet, she still feels the same.

    For those few girls whom I managed to insert two or even three fingers with ease, are the ones who have multiple sex partners with an active sex life.

  2. I think 2 fingers is very common. Also fingers are different compare to the penis. Fingers have bones, while the penis can be considered as soft bone. Two fingers can be really much wider. I prefer to finger girl with one finger so as to prepare her for the bigger thing. Also fingering is not about how many fingers. Is about how you move your finger inside them to make them feel so good that she will pull your finger out and ask you to fuck her now. No kidding. Try move your fingers inside, is not about just pushing in and out.

    • Absolutely true.

      Its not about how many fingers that will make her feel high. It’s about how you play with her G-spot with your finger. One middle finger is enough to make her squirt with pleasure. Prolong fingering her G-spot can lead to squirting.

      Generally, guys see the vagina as a sex toy. Therefore, inserting as many fingers as possible is to satisfy our lust over her body and make full use of her vagina. Any guy just want to feel the inside of her vagina thoroughly to see how it feels like.

    • Most girls will prefer 2 fingers. But there are also girls who prefer one finger. By moving the finger / fingers inside the girls vagina is nice feeling for the girl.

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