Hanging there 

Loved it when the bikini bottom looks as if it barely clinging to the gal’s hips..

You can see the “V” of the hips 😍

5 thoughts on “Hanging there 

  1. Absolutely.
    For your information, I did manage to get a glimpse of a bit of pubic hair of a girl in that kind of bikini before. She has just get off from the water, and the wet bottom becomes slightly heavy, thus dragging it lower 🙂 🙂

  2. When a girl gets out from the pool or water, the three things to look out for:

    1) Her bikini top may get loose and out of position after all the vigorous swimming movements. You may get to see a nipple or two.
    2) You may get to see a cameltoe if her bikini bottom material is thin fabric.
    3) Some of her pubic hair may show up if she is wearing a bikini bottom like the one above.

    Good luck and happy watching!

    • Oh yea.. There was once at Adventure Cove, a lady’s bikini top came off at one side after exiting a water slide. I was there in the que. Viola.. One whole breast was exposed. She took a while to realize and quite a few others also seen it. lol

      Oh yea.. (2) is most common out of the above 3 cases. Add on a (4) nipples impression if the girl doesn’t wear padding or too thin 🙂

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