20 thoughts on “Cleavage on MRT

  1. This is indeed one of my favourite type of girl that I admire, especially in that kind of dress. Cool, feminine and fair. This type of dress brings out her charm and sexiness.

    Quite a number of years back, there was this website called PeekHerUp.com. I am not sure if anyone of you has heard about it. It features upskirt scenes of girls from Sg and Msia. It was highlighted in Stomp, and that’s where I learnt about it. There were a number of public upskirt scenes featuring girls in this type of dress.

    Woah, I remembered those mouth-watering panties up their dress. I have no idea how those guys shoot the scene, they even managed to capture the frontal part of her panties too. And the girls were quite attractive too, quite like the one above. Really gave me a hard on 🙂

    • Yup, I love gals dressed in such feminine dress too!
      Me not a big fan of up skirts though, or rather those which view directly bottom up. The angle of view often makes the gal’s butts, thighs look fat? Haha

    • Patrick, I also like this type of girls in floral dress. Somemore its low-cut. Nice cleavage. Well the website you mention in have about it .

      I am wondering what colour bra and panties under the dress.

    • Patrick Hon, with regards to the website PeekHerUp.com, I have heard of this website. Most girls are sexy too. I am sure you agree, right? Well how the scene is shot. Front part of panties can also be shot… but the photos are nice and sexy.

      • Selina, PeekherUp.com has shut down many years ago. It is no longer around. How come you have seen the pictures then?

      • Patrick Hon, one of my gf had seen the pictures and she showed to me and told me about the website.

  2. Looking at the cup size, think there isn’t much boobs underneath it leh. I think the dress is nice. Oh, the 3rd photo. I don’t like gals who stand and they kind of push their pussy in front. So from the back, they don’t have a perky ass. Lol.

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