7 thoughts on “Fav down blouse

  1. If…if…and if we are able to upload our own pictures directly onto this site, it would be a hundred times more exciting. That’s because I have many nice down blouse pictures to share with you guys. Some of them have very delicious and juicy boobs that you can look at them all day long without getting tired.

    Teenage girls boobs are generally firm and their nipples are just beginning to ripen, and some of them are sharp pointed and obviously very attractive.

    • Patrick, I have also seen downblouse before and I am sure you are aware that different girls have different sizes of breasts and cleavage…..what type u like?

  2. Angelina, its better to show their face so can feel more shiok. Agree tt it would be great if there is a way we can share our collection of photos. I have quite a lot of good stuff too. I like beeasts that are B or max C. Too big i dont like. Should post some that show their nipples and face pls.

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