32 thoughts on “Short shorts 6

    • I suppose most girls will wear panties under shorts, even at home. They told me they don’t like the feeling of the shorts fabrics rubbing against their sensitive, private parts

      • well most girls will wear panties under shorts. But there are girls who will never wear. Really, the girls tell you that they wear panties?

      • Stan, these girls like dirty chat? wish can chat with these girls. So when you dirty chat with them, what else did tell u apart from shorts?

      • Stan, you always mention u see your wife panties everyday. Recently have you seen? just asking. don’t be angry

  1. Angelina, you used to mention you have seen girls who don’t wear panties under their skirts or shorts. I have never seen once before in my entire life. Not even when I was staying in New York. I know there are, but what are the chances in Sg?

    As far as I know about all my many ex, none of them told me they have go out without panties. They get the ‘naked’ feeling when they go out without panties.

    The only time I know is when one of my ex went a short distance to the car park to retrieve her smartphone she has left in the car. I was in the shower then, and she can’t wait for me to finish to help her take it from the car.

    She has to be extra careful whenever there is a slight wind blowing. Her hands are ever ready to hold her skirt down, just in case. And the feeling she gets from that short duration: an ‘open naked’ feeling down there….not used to it 🙂

  2. Patrick, my name is Selina and not Angelina. Well to be honest, I really have see girls without panties and also come that thing. The chances in Singapore is very high and girls everywhere are wearing super short skirts (Flare Skirts), super short shorts and also miniskirts that are extremely short. When they go up the stairs or escalators, they would stand at the side. Even when they are sitting in the buses or in MRT, legs would be open and even when they are aware that someone is looking, some girls will even open legs wider.

    Especially when girls wear translucent dress which I love to wear, some girls will wear panties, G-strings or thongs etc. But I have seen girls wearing translucent dresses without panties and some without bra, you just cant believe it.

    • Selina..I hope you are serious about what you are saying about girls not wearing panties and not joking with us.

      So far as I know, I have never seen a girl without panties in SG. All of my upskirt buddies also have never seen even one. Richard and Stan have also not see any before. How come you said you have seen so many in Sg alone???

      • Patrick, I am not joking. It’s true that I have seen girls in sg without panties before and mostly are schoolgirls. There are also working class girls. Why should I lie and in the first place I hate people who lie.

    • Selina, you also said the girls would open their legs wider if they know somebody is watching. I don’t agree with you because I have never encounter any in Sg before. Instead the girls will cover up their legs and skirt if they sense somebody is watching.

  3. Never been so lucky to see girls not wearing panties. Would be a plus to capture a glimpse. Lol… must start looking out… lol

    • Richard, if you really wants to see girls not wearing panties, its would be nice but you have be careful not to get caught. For me its very easy because I am a girl and its not wrong for a girl to look at girls underneath.

      • Actually peeping at girls panties is very normal. When I was in new York subway station, some guys in business suits and holding briefcases will look up when a gorgeous girl in mini skirt walks up the stairs. But they do it discreetly and gentlemanly. They give the impression that they are just curious, not pervert. The way a pervert peeps at a girl’s panties is different from a guy who is only curious.

        Don’t refrain yourself from seeing the things you love to watch. Be fair to yourself. You only live once. So, make the best of your life 🙂

      • Richard Tan, off course never ask you to go see purposely. What I mean is that when girls sit in public with legs wide open and see, would you see?

    • Yes, I hate it when girls in short tight skirts take a look at me before they want to cross or uncross their legs. It is as if she wants to check on me whether I am watching her zaogeng.

      I have an experience with this legal clerk once. Before she wants to get up from her chair and uncross her legs, she will take a look at me first to check whether I am watching her. What a bitch!

      What has she got to lose just with showing some fabric?

    • Richard, I agree with what you said about Patrick’s comments. I am a girl and if other girls want to show, well by all means.

      • I feel that many girls like to show their cleavage. And I am glad, I always entertain them by looking at them. So win win. LOL.

      • Richard, I do agree with you that girls like to show their cleavage, there are also girls who likes to show their thighs and some like to show more than their thighs…

    • Patrick On,

      Well girls nowadays are very open and sometimes they can sit on board buses or in MRT with their legs wide open and don’t even bother who is looking…..

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