17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday- 2

  1. My preference is still the girl with the panties πŸ™‚ The other girl, though more pretty, offers only a little cleavage, and such views are available everyday.

    • Patrick, I also like to see girl in light blue dress. Legs open wide a bit and dress lift higher…..that would be better…

    • Patrick, you like to look under girls skirts and shorts? I do agree with you, girls with panties are a nice view. But do you ever seen girls without anything under? For me, I have seen girls with panties and those without daily.

  2. Seriously, Singapore hard to find girls that dont wear anything below leh. Totally agree, panty view is always better. Sometimes at FYR i get to see some panties views as many of the tables are high chairs.

    • Richard, there are Singapore girls who does not wear panties to work as I have seen. The places that I managed to see is at Shenton Way area, Tanjong Pagar areas. Or can go to Maxwell Market during lunch time. At that time where most office girls come out for lunch and the way they sit is nice, legs wide open and can see. Even if they know that someone is looking under their skirt, some would open wider and from there can see different colours of panties that these girls are wearing. I have twice saw 2 girls sitting with legs wide open and I saw that they are wearing light blue panties with pads…….

    • Yeah, and big thanks for recommending Pornsia to us. Everything is so authentic and real. I had been thinking if I should upload some hot videos of me and some of my ex. πŸ™‚

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